Nobility International

Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is the reputational organ of the Nobility International (NI) humanitarian organization. The main mission of the Board of Ethics is to protect the public. The Board ensures the quality of the humanitarian and philanthropic activities of Apollonians, promotes the development of Apolloism, and defends accessibility to Perfectionment innovations, such as AristodemiaNoble Technology, and the Nobility International Universal Basic Income program in development (NIUBI).

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, & professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

More precisely, the Board:


  • Makes moral determinations in moral disputes between NI Member Families
  • Provides advisory opinions to the NI system and NI Member Families
  • Vets candidates for induction as registered Apollonians;
  • Monitors the activities of Apollonians to detect illegal activity and the usurpation of the title of “registered Noble”, “registered Apollonian”, or “registered Aristophile”;
  • Ensures the continued supervision and guidance of Aristophiles by Nobles, where necessary;
  • Receives and investigates complaints against Apollonians by the general public;
  • Regularly conducts random professional inspections of registered Apollonians;
  • Offers ethics consultations to its Apollonians;
  • Represents registered Apollonians to 3rd parties;
  • Informs the public of its means of recourse;


#Ukraine: Humanitarian partners continue to scale up their response efforts to meet the needs of nearly 18 million people.

Since 24 February, 13.4 million people have received humanitarian assistance and protection services.

South Sudan: The international community urgently needs to pay more attention to the escalating violence proliferating at a local level all over the country, independent @UNHumanRights experts warn.

The IAEA is addressing some of today’s biggest global challenges, Director General @RafaelMGrossi told delegates at opening of #IAEAGC today.

Haiti: “An economic crisis, a gang crisis & a political crisis have converged into a humanitarian catastrophe."

-- @binuh_un head Helen La Lime tells Security Council, calling for combined efforts to find a pathway to a better tomorrow.

ILO welcomes the first global agreement on working conditions and rights of professional football players. 👏

Find out more about the Global Labour Agreement signed by @FIFPRO and @WorldLeaguesWLF 👇

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🇺🇸 Tough Times for #Washington Establishment
👉🏻 "Statehood is [...] coercion. [...] there can be no plausibility to [...] a “free country” by virtue of it being a country. [...] How long can [the establishment] hold out without legitimacy?"
#America #USA

Europe has successfully headed off an energy crisis for now by taking steps to control prices and keep storage tanks of natural gas full heading into winter, France’s ambassador to the US says

"Investing in resilience and adaptation is critical because almost half of global GDP depends on nature. These investments will make a real difference."

UNEP Executive Director @andersen_inger addressing the meeting of G20 Environment Ministers ⤵️

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انطلاق أعمال ندوة الإنتربول الـ "23" لتدريب أفراد الشرطة، في #جامعة_نايف_العربية بعنوان "تدريب أجهزة إنفاذ القانون في عالم ما بعد الجائحة"، بمشاركة خبراء ومختصين أمنيين وقانونيين من مختلف دول العالم.

INTERPOL has opened a criminal intelligence unit within the Tanzanian police, the 6th such unit opened in the framework of @ENACT_Africa. With access to INTERPOL's databases, they will carry out operational & strategic analysis to counter transnational organized crime.

#WAPIS: 28 law enforcement officers have been trained on data quality and data protection in #Freetown 🇸🇱. This will enhance their capacity to fight against transnational crime and #terrorism in the region.

During my meeting with USG Vladimir Voronkov and Director & USG Raffi Gregorian (@raffigregorian) we discussed strengthening partnerships to counter and prevent terrorism and violent extremism through education programs and information sharing. #UNGA

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