Nobility International

Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is the reputational organ of the Nobility International (NI) humanitarian organization. The main mission of the Board of Ethics is to protect the public. The Board ensures the quality of the humanitarian and philanthropic activities of Apollonians, promotes the development of Apolloism, and defends accessibility to Perfectionment innovations, such as AristodemiaNoble Technology, and the Nobility International Universal Basic Income program in development (NIUBI).

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, & professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

More precisely, the Board:


  • Makes moral determinations in moral disputes between NI Member Families
  • Provides advisory opinions to the NI system and NI Member Families
  • Vets candidates for induction as registered Apollonians;
  • Monitors the activities of Apollonians to detect illegal activity and the usurpation of the title of “registered Noble”, “registered Apollonian”, or “registered Aristophile”;
  • Ensures the continued supervision and guidance of Aristophiles by Nobles, where necessary;
  • Receives and investigates complaints against Apollonians by the general public;
  • Regularly conducts random professional inspections of registered Apollonians;
  • Offers ethics consultations to its Apollonians;
  • Represents registered Apollonians to 3rd parties;
  • Informs the public of its means of recourse;


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