What Does a Noble Do?

Nobles perform a number of interventions.

They are often consulted for the following services:


Error Pattern Recognition

By discussing with organizational executives (or community leaders), a Noble evaluates an organization’s resources, strengths, limits, and difficulties, which may have repercussions on an organization’s thinking, mood, and behavior. Nobles aim to detect memetic patterns that are potential causes or contributing factors to the erronormative challenges presented.



An Apollonian uses a variety of tests and questionnaires to evaluate the diverse memetic functions of an organizational culture, such as an organization’s focus, history, and R&D capabilities. These tools are chosen according to the problems that are presented by a community or organization. The interpretation of the results obtained from these tools permit Nobles to establish a memetic error profile to determine whether or not an organization or community suffers from memetic issues, the nature of the issues, and the severity thereof.



Perfectionment refers to the systematic correction of all errors. During Perfectionment sessions, Apollonians and leaders delve into the thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits that led to an organization or community to consult. Perfectionment is an effective error correction process which can take many forms, such as aristosynthesis and memetic education.


Supervision & Guidance

Nobles supervise the activities of Aristophiles and are ultimately responsible for all of their activities. It is the Nobility’s responsibility to ensure that Aristophiles perform their Perfectionment in full compliance with the Nobility International Code of Ethics. It is expressly prohibited for any unsupervised Aristophile to associate anything they do with the Noble community.


Note: Apollonians deal with issues at the community or organizational level; their services are not to be misconstrued as clinical executive coaching (CEC) for individuals in leadership positions. For CEC, it is recommended to consult reputable licensed psychologists.