What Is a Noble?

A Noble* is one type of Apollonian – the other type being Aristophiles. Apollonians are experts in the correction of errors and perfection-oriented development in the domains of information, culture, science, technology, and economics. A Noble works with communities, corporations, NGOs, and governments who experience error-related difficulties and distress.

A Noble possesses most of the traits of a Noble, has years of error-correction experience as a registered Aristophile, and is an executive authority in a serious institution (NGO, corporation, or government). The experience of a Noble enables a comprehensive understanding of human performance, and helps victim organizations and communities recover from the humanitarian disaster known as the Global Error Crisis – an anthropathology that can be thought of as the “slow killer” of humanity.

The work of a Noble consists of:

  • evaluating the memetic functioning and cultural health of an organization (ideally in a field related to the Noble’s professional experience);
  • determining interventions and corrections that would help it;
  • performing interventions and corrections that the Noble is qualified for, such as aristosynthesis;
  • recommending and acquainting organizations with institutional sources of financial capital, if needed;


To carry the title of Noble, one must:

  • have at least 5 years of experience as an Aristophile engaged in the Perfectionment of humanity;
  • have been inducted into the Nobility International humanitarian organization;
  • respect local and international laws and regulations, especially the Nobility International Code of Ethics;

* Not to be confused with an adherent of the Noble faith