What Is an Aristophile?

Aristophiles correct errors

Aristophiles are one type of Apollonian – the other type being the Nobles. When working with community or organizational leaders, Aristophiles encourage an openness to new perspectives, behaviors, ways of thinking or reacting, with the aim of empowering communities and organizations to experience excellence in how they think, in finding solutions to their challenges, in decision-making, and in self-knowledge. Aristophiles are supervised and under the responsibility of a Noble, as they work together to help victim communities and organizations of the international humanitarian catastrophe that is the Global Error Crisis.



Given that the literal definition of an Aristophile is one who loves excellence, Aristophiles are inherently aligned with the Noble community and their mission. Apollonian interventions help communities and organizations deal with error-related issues, challenges with respect to organizational behavior, and all other problems or distress related to organizational culture, with the goal of favoring significant corrections to their memetic functioning.

Aristosynthesis and memetic education are 2 of the most common forms of Apollonian intervention. Nevertheless, Aristophiles lack the training and expertise to compile an error profile consisting of observed patterns. In cases where error detection is needed, the Aristophile must consult with the respective Noble supervisor.