What to Expect?

All error-correction consultations differ slightly according to the needs of a community or organization, as represented by its leader(s). Regardless, the following should always be kept in mind:


  • The role of registered Apollonians is to refrain from judging, while helping to understand and resolve error-related challenges;
  • Error-correction is a proactive process that requires divulging memetic information. It goes without saying that all consultations are confidential with the following exceptions: a) Apollonians are obligated to comply with warrants from law enforcement, and b) Apollonians are obligated to report to the appropriate authorities if there is a credible threat to someone’s life;
  • An essential component between a client and the Apollonian is trust. A leader is entitled to voice any and all concerns about the Apollonian;


How long does error-correction last?

The duration of error-correction is variable and it depends on the nature of the issues presented and the objectives set out between the leader and the Apollonian. Error-correction can last from weeks to months, particularly when aristosynthesis is used as the Perfectionment approach.


Is it necessary to supplement Perfectionment with aristomemetics?

Whereas Perfectionment is an effective error-correction mechanism on its own, more extreme cases may require a community or organizational leader to supplement Perfectionment with aristomemetics. As such, an Apollonian may recommend a memetic evaluation and recommend memetic corrections accordingly.