When to Consult?

Any community or organization can experience a difficult time. Often, stakeholders tend to provide support in overcoming challenges.


However, some situations require more potent interventions: when the degree of distress fails to improve, the surrounding resources reveal themselves to be insufficient, the challenges faced inhibit a community or organization’s ability to accomplish its goals and negatively affects its relationships with staff, clients, contractors, 3rd parties, and the public, professional assistance from a perfectionist may be required.


 Here are some examples where we recommend consulting a perfectionist. The community or organization suffers from:


  •  nihilism, apathy, low energy, a lack of motivation or drive, and no positive expectations of the future;
  • a chronic operational, financial, or economic problem that cannot be resolved in the near future, and would like to learn coping mechanisms to help all stakeholders live through it;
  • an impending bankruptcy or end to a contractual relationship, and would like to determine the parameters by which to interact with the mutual stakeholders of both parties, if such interactions are to take place;
  • the inability to be taken as seriously as it would like by relevant stakeholders;
  • oppositional attitudes to its agenda by relevant stakeholders;
  • the maladaptive behaviors of stakeholders who experience difficulties during a cultural transition;
  • an accurate or inaccurate reputation of incompetence and has difficulty recovering;