When to File a Complaint?

Registered perfectionists are obligated to comply with the Nobility International Code of Ethics (NICE). NICE is a body of regulations intended for the protection of the public, for ensuring that perfectionists engage in their humanitarian and philanthropic activities with the utmost professionalism, and for preserving the credibility of registered perfectionists.

As a community or organizational leader, if you feel that your perfectionist’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, or that the behavior is unprofessional, do not hesitate to contact us to file a complaint.


Who to Complain to?


If the perfectionist is registered with the Board of Ethics

Registered perfectionists are subject to the policies of the Nobility International, including the NICE. The Board of Ethics reserves the right to fine and suspend perfectionists. With more egregious violations, perfectionists may have their registration revoked and may face economic sanctions*, including but not limited to, transaction fees, transaction restrictions, and commercial limitations.


If the perfectionist is not registered with the Board of Ethics

Unfortunately, there is no available recourse with unregistered perfectionists. Always check your perfectionist’s registration before scheduling an appointment. To check a perfectionist’s registration, contact us.


* Sanctions are enforced by the Nobility International Dollar Agency (NIDA). NIDA is currently in development and will be unable to enforce sanctions until it is completed.